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3 Days

Villahermosa Tabasco - Comalcalco

In this route you will know the history of the origin of this incredible fruit that is part of our culture and is with our ancestors for more than 5,900 years, we have to revalue and put on high the Mexican cacao!
Learn about the origin, current context, problems of the cacao lords, production, tasting, waves and history. With this experience you will be generating a positive impact on the communities of cacao producers and other small entrepreneurs, learning to be a responsible consumer and helping with the activation of the local economy.

Accommodation at Hostal Hacienda + Regional Food + Interactive Cacao Museum + Walk through the fields + Chocolate Workshop + Talk with experts + Archaeological Zone Comalcalco.

High lights



Day 1


Reception in the morning in the City of Villahermosa, Tabasco

Private transportation to Comalcalco

Lodging in a dormitory in Hostal Hacienda.

Chocotour at Hacienda La Luz

Tasting of chocolates and pairing in Hacianda La Luz.

Regional food.

Visit to the Interactive Cacao Museum. Walk through the sowing and chocolate workshop.

Return to the hostel (experience of cacao and temazcal available at additional cost)


Day 2


Breakfast at the hostel

Transportation to plantation

Guided explanation of the process and pre-Hispanic context of cacao. Traditional chocolate making workshop.

Regional food

Return to the hostel (experience of cocoa and temazcal available at additional cost)

Seafood with local fishing and cacao beer.


Day 3


Breakfast at the hostel

Transport to archaeological zone Comalcalco

Regional food Chontal cuisine

Return to City of Villahermosa.

The end of the trip.




Cost: $ 4,950.00 MXN + IVA (for calendar events)

Limited space, reserve your place with time.

The cacao route includes:


- Lodging in hostal-hacienda (Day 1 and 2)

- Lunch and Dinner (Day 1), Breakfast, lunch and

dinner (Day 2), Breakfast and lunch (Day 3)

- Villahermosa transports all the sites of the Route and back to Villahermosa

- Entrances to museums and archaeological sites

- Entries and tours in productive farms

- Chocotour and tasting of chocolates and pairings in hacienda la luz.

- Visit and tour to "Valle encantado" local coffe plantation



Approximate duration: 52 Hours