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México City - Huauchinango


The Origin Route Coffee Route is a trip for those who wish to explore coffee production processes personally and locally. We started at the specialty coffee bar and continued with the visit to the toaster, then we traveled to the northern mountains of Puebla to learn about the washing and drying processes of coffee cherries. We visit Huauchinango "Pueblo mágico" and spend the night in an eco tourism cabin to get to know the origin of the coffee.



Specialty bar: We visited two specialty bars: Drip specialty coffee and Brown Caffeine Lab in Colonia Roma. We have the opportunity to know the methods of extraction and to make coffee tasting from the hand of the baristas accompanied by a piece of pastry.


Toaster: Know the processes of coffee roasting by "Brown Caffein Lab", accompanied by the master roaster, know the process of grain selection, roasting and classification of coffee to find the right profile for each harvest


Lodging: We will sleep in an ecotourism cabin in the middle of the northern mountains of Puebla. Take your sleeping bag!


Coffee plantations and pulping plant: We will walk the coffee plantations, we will know the hand of the producers, the sowing, harvest and care processes. We will have practices and activities according to the season of the year. We will visit the artisanal pulping plant, where we learn the processes of pulping, washing and drying coffee beans.


Visit to Huachinango: On Saturday afternoon we will have free time to tour Huauchinango, magical town of the northern sierra of Puebla. At night, we have activities like campfire and card game for the brave.


Transport: We will travel in a van that will take us to all sites, certified driver, vehicle in excellent condition and road insurance for all travelers.

The coffee route includes:

- Specialty coffee tasting at Drip Specialty Coffee. - Accompanying breakfast at the coffee bar

- Explanation of coffee extraction methods.

- Toasting guide by "Brown Caffeine Lab".

- Tour to the coffee plantations and explanation with local guide.

- Explanation of sowing, harvest and care.

- Visit to pulp mill with local guide.

- 4 Meals: Pastry piece in bar and lunch (Saturday), Breakfast and Lunch (Sunday.)

- Traditional foods of northern Sierra de Puebla.

- Lodging in Cabañas Buenavista (Sleeping bag.)

-Transfers (Drip Specialty Coffe Brown Specialty Coffee- Cabañas Huauchinango Magical Town

-Interaction with nature

-Direct information from local producers

-Insurance on the road

Approximate duration: 36 hours (Saturday and Sunday)


$ 3,427.00 - For Caldendarized routes