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Ciudad de México - Xochimilco


The Honey Route allows us to experience the complete process of honey production. Knowing the variety of products, derivatives and types of honey.


We will meet an active production center in the city, as well as meet beekeepers and experts in honey.



Honey tasting and brunch:


We will have a conversation with experts on the origins and production of honey, we will know the main problems at a global and national level in the production of honey.


We will taste 6 different types of honey, we will do a qualifying exercise for each honey to know the flavors, textures and aromas of each one.



We will accompany the tasting with a 2-course brunch with honey as an ingredient, we will know the uses of honey in contemporary cuisine.

Conservation channels:


We navigate through the conservation channels in Xochimilco guided by Don Lauro, originally from the community of Cuemanco. During the tour we will have a pleasant conversation with legends and interesting stories of the town.



Field practice


We will arrive to the chinampas and we will do a practice in the apicultural centers, we will have security equipment and a guide of experts and producers




We will travel in a van that will take us to all sites, certified driver, vehicle in excellent condition and road insurance for all travelers.

The honey route includes:


- Guided tasting of 6 bee honeys
- Conversation with experts on origins and production processes of honey
- 2-course brunch with honey as ingredient + a drink
- Ground transportation to Xochimilco
- Transport in canoes of producers
- Guide through the channels of Xochimilco
- Visit to bee production center
- Field practice
- Use of security equipment
- Food at the Chinampa
-Interaction with nature
-Direct information from local producers
-Insurance in ground transportation

Approximate duration: 8 Hours


Cost: $ 1, 485.00 MXN (only scheduled events)
Limited availability