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México City


The Ruta de Maíz Route is an experience about the basis of Mexican food, corn, which is part of the culture and national cuisine. Knows the prehispanic origin of the cultivation and domestication of corn and the struggle for the defense of its endemic species.

Quesadillas in Coyoacán + Tour of the Xochimilco canals + Field practice with endemic corn + Prehispanic dishes + Pixza



Coyoacán "antojitos" market:

We visited the antojitos market that is located behind the Cathedral of Coyoacán, a recognized and emblematic area of ​​Mexico City.



Conservation channels:


We navigate through the conservation channels in Xochimilco guided by Don Lauro, originally from the community of Cuemanco. During the tour we will have a pleasant conversation with legends and interesting stories of the town.



Field practice


We will arrive to the chinampas and we will do a field practice with endemic corn (tasting, transplant or agualod).



Prehispanic food


We will eat prehispanic dishes with Don Nicho, who will give us a talk about the current context of corn, Threshold activities, community, processes and problems.


Blue corn and contemporary cuisine


When we return to the city, we expect a practice of contemporary cuisine with blue corn in Pixza.

Alejandro Souza, its founder, will receive us and talk about the social project of his company, of which we will all be part.





We will travel in a van that will take us to all sites, certified driver, vehicle in excellent condition and road insurance for all travelers.

The corn route includes:


- Breakfast at the Coyoacán market, enjoy fried corn quesadillas and delicious coffee.
- Tour through the conservation channels of Xochimilco, accompanied by our local guide.
- Talk about the current context of corn, problems, process, planting, harvesting, community, etc.
- Endemic corn field practice (teaching, transplant or agualod).
- Food of pre-Hispanic dishes.
- Tour through the channels back to our transport Van.
-Practice of contemporary cuisine with blue corn in Pixza.

- 3 Meals
-Interaction with nature
-Direct information from local producers
-Insurance on the road

Approximate duration: 12 Hours